Things You Must Know About Artificial Plants For Home Decor

Artificial plants have become very popular among homeowners. In fact, they are becoming so widespread that they are being used in commercial environments as well. While they are extremely effective at adding a natural aesthetic to a room, it is also important that they also serve a purpose. Artificial plants can actually be used to provide a certain amount of functionality to a room. In fact, they are often seen as the best method of adding greenery to a space while still providing a level of comfort to the individual inhabiting the area.

Can artificial plants be a good home decorating idea?

Plants would be a better, easier, and more affordable option among all the shiny items that are available to decorate homes. However, you might choose artificial plants to embellish your interiors if you currently manage a balcony garden, terrace garden, front side grass, or backyard garden. Artificial plants can nevertheless accentuate your home’s elegance even if you don’t have a garden outside.

Benefits of Using Artificial Plants For Home Décor

  • They don’t need regular fertilizer, pruning, or watering. Therefore, those who lead very busy lives may consider bringing an artificial plant home. 
  • Artificial greenery won’t entice mosquitoes, pests, or bugs like actual plants do. 
  • They need minimal care, such as cleaning the leaves or stems once every week or two weeks. 
  • Artificial plants won’t require a specific type of soil, amount of light, or temperature to remain alive and healthy. Thus, you may also have plants in drab spaces! 
  • The fake plants you bring home won’t undergo any seasonal changes. 
  • Artificial plants are safe for pets and don’t trigger allergies. 
  • Most significantly, these plants remain healthy all year long.
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Who has the most realistic faux plants?

Choosing an artificial choice can be a terrific way to add aesthetic flair to your house, whether you have allergies, pets, or you simply don’t want to deal with the work required to care for a living plant. Here are the top internet shops for artificial plants.


IKEA featured over 100 alternatives for fake plants, trees, and stems at the time of publication. Online orders and in-store shopping are both options for customers of IKEA. Options include the Fejka Weeping Fig, which stands over eight feet tall and costs a fraction of what similarly sized competitors would, as well as the Fejka Orchid, which some customers utilized as an inexpensive wedding centerpiece. The Fejka Monstera plant is a very good imitator of the genuine thing and available in several sizes and hues. It has glossy leaves and subtle shading.

If you plan to shop at IKEA, be aware that some minor adjustments may be necessary to get your plant room ready. This can entail replacing the standard black plastic pots with personalized ones or adding some living moss to the base.

Nearly Natural

In the artificial plant industry, Nearly Natural has been active for a while. There are hundreds of possibilities available here, including an astonishing number of artificial trees (1,300 at the time of posting!). Fortunately, the site is simple to search because you can narrow it down by criteria like height, width, color, and plant type. In addition to trees, Nearly Natural also sells plants, flowers, Christmas trees, greenery, and has a whole section of outdoor options.

The Sill

The Sill is a small retailer with only a few physical locations that specializes mostly in live plants. On their website, you can still find a modest but potent assortment of artificial choices. It contains artificial plants that have been preserved naturally, such as the Living Wall and the Fern Kokedama, so they appear especially authentic. However, artificial plants manufactured of plastic, such as the Maranta, are similarly realistic because to their erratic color patterns and various leaf sizes.

World Market

Around 250 World Market locations may be found in nearly 40 states. The company was founded in San Francisco in the 1950s. Additionally, they offer a comprehensive website that is simple to navigate, and their selection of artificial plants includes trees, succulents, strings of bananas and aloe, as well as smaller, more specific things like wreaths and stems.


A recent search on the retailer for “fake plants” produced more than 5,500 results from more than 100 different companies, demonstrating the enormous variety of styles and prices Wayfair offers. This makes Wayfair the perfect place to shop if you know exactly what you want.

Is it OK to use artificial plants indoors?

Artificial plants can be used to decorate with no problems. If you don’t have the time or patience to take care of real plants, artificial plants are a more practical solution for indoor decoration. A mix of real and fake plants is another effective technique to create the impression that your property is truly attractive. Maintaining a straightforward, natural appearance while avoiding excess is crucial.

Natural plants sometimes demand special care, which might be difficult to provide. Clearly, it can be difficult to provide enough sunlight if you wish to keep them inside. Additionally, the dropping of these plants can leave your home messy and require constant cleaning. 

On the other hand, none of these concerns apply to fake flowers. They don’t require water, shade, or sunlight. Additionally, because they don’t grow, you don’t need to worry about trimming. This indicates that if you love plants, they are the best indoor decoration for you.

Which artificial plants are the best?

One of the most sought-after plants in the world are fiddle leaf fig trees. The sole issue? Big ones come with a hefty price tag that can be challenging to justify if you are aware of your poor handwriting skills. Fortunately, there are many fantastic fake fiddle leaf fig trees available, with Wayfair’s Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree being one of the most lifelike-looking options. 

The tree has a number of skinny branches and small trunks, all of which are covered with thick leaves. You don’t have to leave your tree in its current state because these leaves are fluffable and the branches are movable. Instead, you can alter it until it perfectly reflects your desired level of imperfection and organicity and complements your surroundings.

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