Home Decor Singapore: Why Rattan Decor Is Not Only Affordable, But Also Attractive

What does the home decor look like in Singapore? There are different kind of home decor in Singapore which makes it more exciting. One of the famous home decor in Singapore is rattan decor. The home decor is very affordable and it is made of natural materials. With its natural beauty, rattan furniture offers the perfect solution for people who want to enjoy a healthy outdoor living environment without having to spend a lot. Rattan furniture is not only affordable but also attractive due to its unique look. Rattan is a tropical hardwood tree that is native to India. In Indonesia and Malaysia, there is a plant known as rattan that grows in the tropics. Rattan furniture is usually made of a mixture of different hardwoods such as teak, rattan, and mahogany. However, home and decor singapore rattan furniture is often more affordable when compared to other types of furniture.

Rattan is easy on the eye

Rattan is shapely, attractive, and easy to use in the home, as seen by this chic BUSKBO armchair from Ikea. There isn’t much to dislike about it. 

Nude tones have frequently been the subject of dispute when it comes to interiors, with many either adoring or ignoring them. Its color is an additional benefit because it will brighten up a design. Warm and neutral colors, on the other hand, can produce a light, airy, and roomy ambiance that is perfect for welcoming and relishing the upcoming summer months.

Rattan pendant lights

Rattan is so adaptable that it may be used for lampshades, chairs, bedheads, mirrors, and furniture, to name a few. If you want to start with one piece, pick a gorgeous lampshade. It can look wonderful when utilized together in various shapes and styles. Use textured wallpaper, a tan leather sofa, and a jute rug in the scheme to embrace the rattan tones.

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Integrate rattan with your existing furniture

We adore the concept of combining rattan furniture with existing furnishings. Take this room as an example of how it works on a tactile level: the two rattan chairs, footstool, side table, and coffee table stand in stark contrast to the oh-so-smooth velvet sofa and armchair. Additionally, because rattan has some “give,” it can be really comfortable to sit on. Add a few cushions that coordinate with the existing color scheme to bring the colors together.

Embrace a plethora of colors

Rattan is available in a variety of colors, so people who believe it solely refers to “the classic rattan color” need not worry. I’ve always enjoyed rattan, and painted rattan furniture looks really stylish indoors even though it is typically used outside. It’s simple to style, adds a casual, unexpected sense to a space, and blends seamlessly with both antique and modern objects.

Mix and match rattan designs

Rattan’s versatility allows you to combine various weaves to get extremely fascinating designs. From natural rattan, like this lampshade, to all-black construction or a mix of both natural and black construction. If you want a truly rustic atmosphere, it is the best option because it adds texture and decoration to the extreme.

Classic good looks with rattan

The best thing about the present rattan revival is that you can use it both inside and outside, and the designs go with most decorating schemes. Rattan furniture is an excellent alternative all year round because it looks good in both the garden and a conservatory. Along with the traditional ‘rattan’ looking sets that provide wonderful options for lounging and dining, we also have some lovely contemporary designs.

Add texture to your bedroom with rattan

A headboard made of rattan offers a naturally textured background that checks a few trendy boxes. A headboard gives a bed a “completed” appearance, and a rattan pattern attractively warms the space. A chair or a tiny pendant lamp can be added to complete the ideal trio of rattan weaving.

Don’t overdo it

Rattan has been finding its way into our homes for a while, but it’s crucial to avoid going overboard with this aesthetic because it may quickly feel old. Since rattan has been used for many centuries, it can be considered ageless, but it should be matched with different colors, textures, and materials. For unique statement pieces, stay away from matching furniture sets and contrast with warm-toned accessories. The simplest way to deal with this is to adopt the “less is more” concept and select a piece like this beautiful sideboard that subtly incorporates rattan.

Rattan goes with everything

Yes, it really complements just about everything, making it a wise buy due to its many uses. Whatever color scheme you choose will blend in and provide a rustic touch to the room. We adore using rattan furniture! It makes your area feel airy and adds a great organic accent.

Yes, it really complements just about everything, making it a wise buy due to its many uses. Whatever color scheme you choose will blend in and provide a rustic touch to the room. We adore using rattan furniture! It makes your area feel airy and adds a great organic accent.


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