Exploring the Fusion: Modern Minimalist Design with Japandi Influences in Punggol Field 2

Living in Punggol Field offers a unique experience, blending urban convenience with tranquil surroundings. As you navigate through the landscape of modern living, have you ever pondered how to infuse your space with a design that marries simplicity and serenity? Inspired by the uploaded image, let’s delve into the essence of modern minimalist design with subtle Japandi influences, unraveling the key features and estimating the cost to achieve a similar look in Singapore.


What Are The Key Feature Of Japandi Interior Design?

Modern Minimalist

Embracing clean lines and a neutral color palette, the modern minimalist style exudes an air of sophistication and simplicity. The predominant hues of white and beige, punctuated by pops of black, create a canvas of understated elegance. Functionality takes precedence, with minimal clutter and a focus on sleek forms.

Japandi Influences

Infused with the tranquility of Japanese aesthetics and the warmth of Scandinavian design, Japandi influences bring a sense of harmony and calm to the space. Natural materials such as wood and rattan add texture and organic beauty, while the incorporation of greenery promotes a connection with nature, fostering a serene ambiance.


How Much Is The Estimate Cost?

Furniture: $5,000-$10,000
Décor: $2,000-$4,000
Lighting: $1,000-$2,000
Plants: $500-$1,000
Important Notes: These figures serve as a rough estimate, subject to variation based on material choices, brands, and retailers. Additionally, engaging an interior designer or contractor will impact the overall expense.


Tips for Achieving this Look on a Budget

Shop Around

Explore affordable furniture and décor stores such as IKEA, Muji, Castlery, or Taobao, and consider browsing second-hand shops for budget-friendly options.

Get Creative

Upcycle old furniture, experiment with paint finishes, or unleash your artistic flair to create bespoke artwork.
Focus on Details: Small yet impactful changes like updating hardware, incorporating throw pillows, or introducing plants can elevate the overall aesthetic.


If you possess handy skills, embark on DIY projects such as building simple shelves or painting furniture to personalize your space.


Adapting for Singapore

This style complements Singapore’s climate, promoting lightness and airiness within the space.
Consider incorporating locally popular natural materials like rattan and bamboo to infuse an authentic touch.
Integrate local greenery or low-maintenance plants suited to the climate to enhance the connection with nature.
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