Todz’Terior advice: Which renovation package should I choose?

If you’re planning a renovation project, you’re likely going to have a lot of questions. We’re here to help! Take a look at our renovation packages and see which one best suits your needs!

The renovation process can be overwhelming for homeowners – there are so many things to consider before making the leap from old house to new home.

  • Should I get an architect or designer?
  • How much should I spend?
  • What will my mortgage payments be after the renovation is complete?
  • What about permits and contractors?

These are all important considerations that need answers before any work begins on your property. That’s where Todz’Terior Singapore comes in with our renovation packages designed specifically for homeowners who want someone else to take care of renovation matters.

As a renovation company, we take care of everything from renovation design and planning to physical renovation work – which is why we have renovation packages that are pre-arranged for homeowners.

What renovation packages do we offer?

Todz’Terior Singapore renovation packages are designed to help you have a better renovation experience by taking care of the renovation process for you. With one, clear renovation quote, it makes renovation easier and more enjoyable!

We offer renovation packages at three price ranges: $10,00±, $50,000± and $100,000+. While each package has its own benefits, there are some differences between them. Our renovation experts will be able to explain this further during your renovation consultation.

Specific renovation packages Todz’Terior offers & what they include.

There are several renovation packages available at Todz’Terior which will help you choose your perfect package for your ideal renovation needs! Here’s a look at them:

Basic Renovation package, this include:

  • Stripping and renovation of existing floors like tiles, parquet or wood in hardness and structure.
  • Polishing of the floor;
  • Disposal;
  • Removal of contaminants if necessary;
  • Inspection certificate with mention about all work performed.

Deluxe renovation package:

  • Includes everything from the Basic renovation Packages plus :
  • A new coating consisting in 2 coats (exterior and interior paint depending on renovation area).
  • )Please note that this renovation package is only applicable for internal renovation work, external renovation will require a different renovation package)
  • Final inspection by our specialists after the renovation work has been completed.

Pro renovation package:

Includes everything from the Basic renovation Packages, plus :

  • Installation of a floating floor, as well as renovation of the existing one if necessary. In detail this renovation package includes:
  • Removal of contaminants, residue and old adhesive;
  • Stripping and renovation of the existing ground level flooring in hardness and structure (parquet or tiles);
  • Evaluation and preparation of renovation area;
  • Disposal;
  • Installation of new insulation;
  • Installation connection points for electronics;  
  • Laying a solid wood floor (exterior renovation packages);*
  • Final inspection by our specialists after renovation work has been completed.

Pro renovation package PLUS: Includes everything from the Pro renovation Packages plus :

  • Stripping and renovation of any existing flooring in hardness and structure (parquet or tiles);
  • Disposal;
  • Removal of contaminants, residue, old adhesive;
  • Toilet renovation which includes rebuilding taps and toilets with stainless steel fittings if necessary along with renovation tiles for floors.

(please note that renovation packages do not include installation of painting, wallpapers or their removal.)

With one of these renovation packages, you can sit back and relax while Todz’Terior Singapore handles renovation work.

1) The One-Day renovation package,

is for homeowners who want renovation work completed in just one day. For renovation packages that take longer than a single day, the renovation project is divided into different renovation phases.

2) The renovation package for all five rooms,

includes renovation services for the master bedroom, children’s bedrooms, living room, bathroom and kitchen. You can choose to renovate one or more of these rooms at once.

3) If you love decorating your home but don’t like doing renovations yourself,

Todz’Terior Singapore can help you with renovation projects while giving you quality decorating work as well!

This renovation package comes with renovation works for all areas in your home; this means that any renovation service related to decoration (except carpentry work), such as painting, wallpapering and stained glass installation will be included in renovation packages.

4) If renovation work has to be done for an entire floor of your house,

this renovation package is perfect for you! We will renovate all areas of the first floor of your home. These renovation services include renovation works related to decoration (except carpentry work), such as painting, wallpapering and stained glass installation.

5) This renovation package covers renovation services for both renovation phases 1 & 2 above.

It includes renovation works for both the interior and exterior of your home, so it’s great if you want a complete makeover!

The benefits of investing in a renovation package from Todz’Terior Singapore .

Frequently renovation projects are rushed, leading to a lot of unexpected expenses. With renovation packages from Todz’Terior Singapore, renovation projects are planned so that the renovation is done in batches. This way you can budget your renovation project much better and save yourself a lot of money too!

Frequently Asked Question

(Q)What are renovation packages?

Renovation packages are easy and will save you time and money.

(A)Renovation packages from Todz’Terior Singapore can help take the hassle out of renovating your home, hiding the cost in a single price. You don’t need to book anything separately or pick and choose services – we’ve done that for you!

We offer renovation packages in Singapore starting at $5,190 SGD (from 1 day)!

The package includes: pre-renovation consultation, renovation support work such as housekeeping, driving licences for all tradespeople on site during renovation period; install selected lights fixtures throughout renovation project; designated area carpets steam cleaned before commencement of renovation works.

(Q)Why should I invest in renovation packages?

(A)Some renovation projects are planned many years in advance, so they deserve to have a renovation package which suits the time frame. Whether you’re planning on renovating your townhouse or your HDB flat, renovation packages will be available to suit your needs.


If you would love to learn more information about renovation packages from Todz’Terior Singapore then please don’t hesitate to reach out by giving us a call! We are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have and can even give you advice based on what purposes the renovation is for,

whether it’s simply cosmetic or if the renovation has medical benefits as well! Each project has different stipulations, but either way we can tailor make renovation packages for you!

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