Singapore Style Simple and Easy Bathroom Ideas

Do you wish to have a more stylish bathroom design Singapore? You might probably have a crowded toilet design 2020 and feel bored seeing it every day. But, say no more! Here, we will provide you with the best bathroom ideas Singapore which can inspire you!

Having a simple toilet design is good, but do you intend to upgrade your bathroom interior design to a more sophisticated and interesting one? Try Todz’Terior! With our service to provide you space planning, we assure you that you will get the perfect match for your toilet ideas.

What you build or create represents who you are. Thus, combining your personality with different styles for bathroom design ideas Singapore can be a great way to express yourself! The real question is, how to alter an common toilet design or renovate the old one into a brand new catchy toilet?

Toilet Design Singapore with Simple and Easy Ideas!

Toilet design can be suited up with several style. Although you can renovate or create the bathroom interior design based on your taste, these theme and style recommendations might help to give you more hints!

Modern, Luxurious, Futuristic

Usually, modern bathroom ideas are presented through the placement of the furniture. For example, a floating sink, built-in storage mirror, and more. It is like, when you see something sophisticated, that means futuristic! So, using furniture that is up-to-date for the bathroom is going to make your bathroom look luxurious!

Combine White and Wood

The domination of white palette is believed to add an extra illusion of space. It will make your bathroom more neat and spacious. Especially, if you use darker woods combined with white palette, it will also add a sense of elegance.

Rustic Is All You Need 

Why rustic? Because the rustic style for toilet renovation ideas Singapore can make your small or spacious bathroom more traditional. Additionally, if you have windows that can bring more natural light inside, then, adding a rustic accent will stand everything out! Wood is going to be the perfect material for applying this style.


This means, patterns! Using a contemporary style can be simplified as, “the more the merrier.” For a second thought, you might think that contemporary is the very opposite style to a minimalist one. However, contemporary interior design for bathrooms can give simplicity and elegance although it contains a lot more patterns.

You can add geometric tiles on bathroom walls. This will make the wall accent become more chic and unique. But, if you are not interested in geometric tiles, Todz’Terior can recommend you another wall or flooring accent based on your needs and desires!

Monochrome: Black and White

Nobody is ever tired with monochrome, yes? That is because monochrome style looks simple and has been a huge reference toward a bathroom interior design. Besides, you can get a glamor touch knowing that you use two tones of color, such as black and white. Moreover, black and white design will turn your bathroom to a fancy look and can make it seem wider.

Earthy, Make It Worthy!

Earthy tones can be defined as safe colors since it is easier to match with any color. For instance, if you intend to give your bathroom an earthy color such as green or chocolate, then you can combine them with any color available! As a result, it will make the entire design of the bathroom warm.

Do not forget to have strategic lighting placements. Usually, this type of style uses yellow or warm white colors of lighting. Other than lighting, adding aromatic candles, white tiles, and plants will perfect all the look!

It does not take much to establish a simple and easy bathroom interior design idea in Singapore if you know the tips and tricks that you can use. By understanding and applying those recommendations above, we are hoping for you to obtain a nice-looking, cozy bathroom design!

Todz’Terior: The Right Choice for Bathroom Ideas Singapore

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