How Can I Decorate a Small One Bedroom Apartment?

When you see a small one bedroom apartment, you probably immediately think of cramped spaces, tiny rooms, and a lot of wasted space. In most cases, when you go to look for a place to live, it’s because you’re forced to. You might have to choose between living with your parents, with a roommate, or by yourself. Maybe you’re moving across the country to chase a dream, or maybe you just want to enjoy life a little bit longer before settling down. Either way, you’re going to have to sacrifice a lot to get that ideal apartment. The good news is that even though you won’t have much space, you can still design a stylish and livable small apartment that will be a pleasure to live in. Keep reading for some great tips on how you can decorate a small one bedroom apartment.

Separate Areas

Give each room in your apartment a distinctive, individual décor theme to give the impression of a greater space. To create a relaxing atmosphere, choose light hues like beige and eggshell in the living room with low lighting, while using bold, vibrant colors in the bathroom to inject life into the room. If there isn’t a wall, room dividers, area rugs, and wall curtains are excellent ways to give the impression of separate places.

Consider Vertical Storage

Use vertical storage solutions like shelves and standing cabinets to reduce clutter and wasteful heaps. You may maximize storage with tall and narrow alternatives by using a minimal quantity of space. Use hanging organizers in the bedroom closet to eliminate rows of shoes and boxes under the bed, or a standing utensil holder in the kitchen to avoid congested drawers.

Declutter Your Apartment

It’s normal for stuff to accumulate after a period of being in one spot. Decide on a time once or twice a year to organize and assess your area. You may maintain areas clear and discover new options for renovations and adding new decor by going through old and new belongings.

Add Curves

To give a room with a box-like design some dimension, choose furniture with rounded and curved edges. It avoids looking monotonous by adding a round end table or round throw pillows. Choose a spherical statement item rather than a conventional, rectangular mirror or frame.

Low-profile Furniture

Low-profile furniture, including a simple TV stand that matches the sofa’s height, keeps the room feeling airy and light. Thanks to the large storage unit that sits in between, the kitchen on the opposite side of the living room feels like its own separate area. This house’s interior design combines contemporary and mid-century themes. The low-profile shape of the sofa pairs beautifully with the low cabinets beside the window.


Space-saving strategies for small apartments rely on adaptable equipment. Invest in a sizable, multipurpose bookshelf that can handle all of your storage demands. It should be placed in the center of your apartment, with books and dishes on the upper shelves and linens, flatware, office supplies, and any other items that don’t have a home on the lower shelves in boxes, baskets, or drawers.

Floating Shelves

To display a collection of ornaments and sentimental items in your flat, use floating shelves. Rotating displays have a solid foundation in simple shelves that have been staggered for a distinctive aesthetic. Since wood or metal shelving complements practically anything, you can quickly modify the appearance of the vignette without causing any more damage to the walls of your flat.

Colorful Apartment Decor

Paint your furniture if you can’t paint the walls of your flat. A new coat of paint on a bed frame or dresser can have the same dramatic effect as a fresh coat of paint on the walls. To include other apartment design ideas into your room, start with the colors of the furniture. For a cohesive appearance, repeat the hues on fabrics and accessories.

Accessories to Personalize

Instead of using little pieces of art that would make the room appear congested, choose a larger work to cover a broad wall. Larger pieces can serve as the room’s graphic focal point and as a single point of color for various accessories that can be used to make the space uniquely yours. Instead of buying art to make a room stand out, choose glass or acrylic furniture if you want something more unusual. The transparent parts, while still being useful, will provide the appearance of additional space.

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