Best Home Renovation Styles Ideas In Singapore 

Do you often wonder why some renovation projects are successful and others aren’t?

I will answer the questions that you may be asking yourself right now.

One of the most expensive decisions that you will make as a homeowner is the choice of which renovation project you will choose to embark on. You will be investing both time and money into this project, so it’s important that you choose wisely.

You don’t have to stress yourself over choosing the wrong renovation project for your home because you can simply learn from the mistakes of others who have been through the same thing before. You can see their renovation styles and take notes from them and apply those notes to your own renovation plans.

In this article, I will give you some great ideas on what types of renovations you can consider for your home. Some of these ideas include adding a loft space, creating a home gym, adding a rooftop deck, and more.

So if you are thinking about starting a renovation project on your house, then read on…

Modern Style Renovation

Modern design is incorporated in most homes nowadays in some way. Why? Because this fashion is minimalist in its concentration on decluttering and takes a streamlined approach to design. The modern style, as opposed to minimalist interiors, is focused on using art and carefully chosen accent pieces to make understated statements.

How Can You Get the Look?

We’ve flooded the four rooms in our BTO design with warm neutral colors and natural materials. You may create this look and add an industrial touch to the room by using materials like leather, glass, mirror, and metal. 

You could want to concentrate on using various forms in your designs, depending on your tastes. Think about sharp angles for a more stylish appearance or softer, rounded ones for a cozy atmosphere.

Contemporary Interior Design

Did you know that the term “modern design” relates to what is popular right now? Contrary to popular belief, modern design trends are not necessarily more focused on the present. This type of home remodeling may incorporate a variety of presently popular design components. 

How do you achieve the look? 

Since open floor plans are a popular feature in Singaporean homes, we concentrated more on them when creating this house. You might choose an open plan with areas that are evenly spaced out around the room because contemporary interior design is all about embracing trends.

Another prominent element in modern homes is the use of neutral colors. With this, you can also emphasize certain regions of the house by utilizing colorful design items. Additionally, since neutral colors will always go with everything, you may keep adding customizations to your furniture as your tastes evolve. 

In addition, you can utilize a variety of lighting systems, like this home does, to give your interiors a contemporary feel.

Bohemian Renovation to Embrace Cosy Design

Want to escape the city but don’t want to spend a fortune on a trip? You should think about making an interior design investment in boho style! Bohemian interior decorating is popular in Singaporean houses, with an emphasis on organic materials, a variety of textures, plants, and well-traveled accessories. 

How do you achieve the look? 

You can still dabble in a little bit of traditional bohemian interior design to get inspired, even though it might not work as well for modern dwellings. Take the house of Amanda and Justin as an example. They sought a boho-inspired space with all the elements of a cozy modern house during their HDB renovation.

To achieve this, we used as many natural materials as we could in a straightforward design. The living room‘s hardwood furnishings all give the place a rustic feel. We also kept the decor neutral, with pops of color added by various plants, to reinforce the cozy theme. 

A boho home renovation would also be lacking without some trinkets and decorative things. So utilize as many trinkets and eclectic design objects as you can to achieve this appearance.

Eclectic Style Renovation

Using a variety of materials and art to create a distinctive design is the focus of this home remodeling trend. Although it might not appeal to everyone, the eclectic design has a lot to offer visually. This is your chance to create an eclectic-themed home if you love mixing diverse design elements together! 

How do you achieve the look? 

Can’t decide on just one color to use for your home’s decor? No issue, you can just incorporate them all into a home remodeling in an eclectic design. You don’t want to visually overcrowd the room with color, though. Try to limit your color exploration to no more than two or three key complementary colours. Use one of them for the walls, the others for the floor.

You can incorporate this motif in your choice of furniture because eclectic design is all about mixing and matching. If you can’t decide between a modern or traditional theme, use a hybrid. 

Additionally, you can add some customization by using patterned tiles to divide off different areas of your house. This not only establishes a distinctive focus point but also enables you to make a bold artistic statement in an open style.

Chic Scandinavian Design

What is one element that all of the interior design trends we’ve discussed so far have in common? You are 100% correct if you assumed that natural materials will be used. Natural materials like wood and rattan are still favored design elements in Singapore, and for good reason too! Popular design movements that accept and promote the use of natural textures include Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetics. 

How do you achieve the look? 

Due to the use of several pretty standard components, Scandinavian dwellings are fairly simple to identify. Such homes typically have muted colors, exposed furniture legs, natural materials, and an airy, bright style. Keep your decor simple to start incorporating this home improvement trend.

Avoid clutter and just pay attention to the functional elements that you truly require. Choose a layout that is open and has lots of windows letting in sunshine. Through this design aesthetic, the goal is to get as near to nature as you can.

The best colors for this home design style include beige, white, light brown, light grey, and other muted tones. When choosing furniture, choose pieces with exposed legs and wooden embellishments to finish the aesthetic.

Clear White Minimalism

So many of the interior design trends that we adore are founded on certain minimalism-related ideas. Therefore, it is not surprising that when renovating, this style is chosen by the majority of Singaporean residences. It’s all about keeping things straightforward and getting rid of clutter. This home design aesthetic is primarily about simplicity, clean lines, and textures rather than big, loud designs. 

How do you achieve the look? 

You should refrain from incorporating too many design elements into your room because the basic idea of minimalism is simplicity. Instead, use all-white decor that are accentuated by natural light to produce a cheerful area. Use pastel colors or light wooden embellishments to add some color.

Form should come after function should be your main priority. Choose your furnishings and fixtures accordingly based on requirement rather than desire. Eliminate pointless frills from your surfaces and go for smooth surfaces as another method to embrace this interior design trend.

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