12 Inspirational Singapore Home Floor Decor Ideas

We’re not saying that you need to redecorate your entire home. But there are times when you want to update your home’s décor, especially when you move into a new house. Singapore home and decor Singapore floor ideas are not limited to home design. In fact, it can be applied in various areas and industries.  Whether you’re a first-time homeowner, or a seasoned one, we’ve put together some of the best home decor ideas to help you update your space to make it feel more like your home.

Food themed designs

With this straightforward method, bland and monochromatic tiles will become distinctive ones. Choose them based on the interior color design of your kitchen. Purchase stickers with the silhouettes of your preferred cuisine in color or black and white. On alternating tiles, they will look fantastic. They’ll be useful if you also need kitchen hardwood floor decorating ideas. Although this choice is enjoyable, use it sparingly. Otherwise, this refined flair will quickly deteriorate.

Cover up the tiles

Stickers can completely conceal your tiles if they have lost their original appearance. Pick a pattern that appeals to you. An image can also be divided into the number of tiles you want your motifs to cover. On your floor, you can even duplicate the original image or pattern. This choice is excellent for changing the overall appearance of your kitchen. The designs are far less expensive and much simpler to install than brand-new tiles, but they won’t stay as long. Don’t forget to mark any soiled or dark grout using a grout marker.

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Change the patterns of bathroom tiles

It is simple to decide to replace outdated or worn-out tiles, especially if you have a very interesting alternative. Each tile’s surface should be covered with a glossy sticker. This kind of floor decor is excellent for changing the bathroom’s overall look and feel. 

Epoxy flooring

Get epoxy flooring installed or do it yourself for a stunning bathroom floor design. The epoxy will cover and revitalize your old tiles, so you won’t even need to remove them! It’s not as simple as it sounds to make an epoxy floor from scratch. We advise seeking professional assistance, at the very least in the form of video tutorials, but if you’re feeling particularly crafty, you can try it.

Short quote floor decor

A little inspirational quote will make your day better and inspire you. It’s also a distinctive method to adorn the floor of your foyer. In this case, there are two ways to apply decals. To start, you can spell out the quote using cut-out letters. Second, you might purchase a sizable one-piece sticker bearing the phrase and apply it all at once.

Decorate the baseboards

Decorating those plain baseboards is a wonderful idea regardless of the type of flooring you have. Baseboards can be endlessly customized to reflect the general theme of your room by applying thematic stickers to them. You can go with a sophisticated pattern or be imaginative, like I was in the image below.

Rugs area 

Although they are not the most affordable floor decor, area rugs are really useful and worth a go. They can be used to visually enlarge or contrast the space and to make a snug nook in a big room. One of the best decorating ideas for dark hardwood floors is using a light-colored area rug. 

If you’re seeking tips on how to decorate a living room with tile floors, picking a faux fur rug is a wonderful option. Faux rugs will help you create a cozier atmosphere in a living room than tile floors do.

Natural items

Go with natural components if you want to know how to decorate a living room with wooden floors. Start with plants in containers made of wood, stone, or clay.

Go with natural components if you want to know how to decorate a living room with wooden floors. Start with plants in containers made of wood, stone, or clay.

Bring nature in

Other kitchen floor design ideas, such as a basket, might provide the proper charm in addition to tile. You can fill it with whatever you like, including fruits, vegetables, flowers, and wheat spikes. The basket will not only brighten up your kitchen, but it will also keep everything tidy. You are welcome to continue using artificial plants and supermarket items if you don’t like grinding your own wheat for flour. These will produce home decor Singapore that lasts longer.

Brand identity

Get a floor decal of your slogan or logo and install it where everyone can see it. You may properly mark your business location with the help of this concept. Additionally, it will transform the bare floor into a helpful advertising platform.

Use your main product to decorate the floors

This strategy won’t work for every business, but it’s excellent for those in the manufacturing industry. A 2D representation of your primary product can be used to adorn the floor of your company. This will increase brand awareness, increase sales, and add a cool visual element.

Use the blank staircase surface

There are stairs near many house entrances with a lot of empty floor space. Add decals that recreate well-known images to that area to make it more appealing. The setting could be anything you like, such as a beautiful natural environment, bookcases, attractive patterns, etc. Vinyl risers can also have lettering attached to them so you can communicate with anyone right at the entrance. 

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