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The home is the most important place in one’s life. It is where we spend a majority of our time, and as such it should be well taken care of and comfortable to live in. However, home renovations can be expensive, especially if you do not know what contractors to hire from or whom to trust with your home. In this blog-post, I will list down all the things that you need to do when hiring home renovation contractors or renovation contractor apartment for apartment renovation, in order minimize mess and prevent damage after the direct renovation process was completed!

Discuss site prep and protection with your contractor

You may be tempted to just take your contractor at their word when it comes to the cleanliness of direct renovations and renovation , but this can leave you disappointed in the end. Protection from existing space is a priority for home renovation contractors so that any damage done cannot be made worse by construction equipment or other workers on site. However, there are different standards based on what kind of project and how much attention they’re willing to give as well as whether protective services like flooring will need replacement afterwards, which also varies depending on who does the work. Please noted this step also important in the commercial renovation project also.

Prep and protect your home, and seal the construction site

When going through a direct renovation or even commercial renovation, it is important to prepare for the project by making sure you have enough time and space. Start with clearing out old furniture that may be in your way or might not fit into your new style of living if you are renovating. When starting on this journey though, make sure you know what type of work will need done so as not to disturb anything too much; small  renovations can lead to messes involving plumbing and electrical wiring which could take an entire week just cleaning up!

If undertaking any other types of projects than complete small  renovations (remodeling), there are steps one should do before beginning such tasks: clear away old items from current home including those pieces no longer wanted/needed after remodel has been completed. One should also make sure that home renovation is protected from site prep and protection by the renovation contractor in Singapore, such as sealing windows with plastic to prevent dust or dirt from coming inside home.

Cordon off the redesign zone by hanging substantial canvas (in any event .8 millimeters thick) start starting from the ceiling to the floor to make a seal. Apply covering tape across all sides of the canvas where it meets the roof, dividers, and floor. Strain bars can likewise help hold up substantial canvases. Particles will fly through any holes you leave, regardless of how little. In the event that you need a fold for section and exit, consider applying a cement zipper to your covering. Add a twofold layer if there will be a great deal of sanding or in the event that you realize that perilous particles will be delivered into the air. 

Inside the reno zone, ensure anything that you’re keeping. Floors ought to be covered with development paper (possibly a twofold layer, as protection against tearing). Cover window medicines or machines with canvas (once more, leaving no holes). 

  • In the event that the reno zone is in the focal point of your home, think about laying constant paper or covering through all the high traffic regions. This will keep earth from following into the remainder of the space. 
  • Cover all furniture all through the home (particularly material surfaces like love seats and beds) with a drop fabric or canvas. 
  • Seal up storage room entryways by applying veiling tape to the holes between the entryways and the floor. Nothing more irritating than washing all your dusty garments since you neglected.

Clear the air

  • Vacuum, ideally with a HEPA (“high effectiveness particulate air”) vacuum toward the finish of each work day—you can lease one or talk about getting one with your worker for hire. HEPA vacuums can trap a lot more modest particles than typical vacuums. 
  • On the off chance that you have one, run a HEPA air purifier on high day in and day out, and change or wash the channels regularly since they will be working significantly harder than expected. In the event that you don’t have one, consider leasing a business grade air scrubber for the span of the remodel. 
  • Open the windows! The more air circles, the better.

Vacuum your living space leastwise once a day with an HEPA vacuum cleaner, and change or wash the filters if you have one. If not, consider leasing a business-grade air scrubber for the span of remodeling work to clear out particles that can obstruct breathing in those who suffer from sensitivities. Open windows as much as possible during construction because it will allow fresh oxygenated air into your home while being mindful about potential fumes existing outside such as paint odors!

How to approach your post-reno deep clean?

Unless you purposefully include it, the renovation contractor won’t clean your house after finishing work. In general (unless otherwise negotiated), renovation contractor only will vacuum up larger debris and then run a broom across the floor which is considered “broom-swept. Anything beyond this can be arranged but comes with an additional cost on top of what you already paid for labor

On the off chance that you have home help, they ought to dispatch a group of laborers (at least two) for an intense deep clean. They will also do your home windows, carpets, and upholstery.

Clean-up steps after renovating:

  • Clear and vacuum all surfaces, including roofs and dividers 
  • Clear, mop, and clean floors 
  • Vacuum all upholstery 
  • Wipe down entryways, handles, baseboards, moldings, and equipment 
  • Intensive wipe-down and disinfection of washrooms and kitchens (counting machines, cupboards, and counters) 
  • Residue, vacuum, and wipe-down of all window insides including ledges and casings 
  • Residue all pipes, grates, vents, blinds, roof fans, and lighting apparatuses 
  • Clean all equipment pivots and handles, racks, and cupboards 
  • Clean inside all wardrobes 
  • Expulsion of all excess refuse and flotsam and jetsam (in spite of the fact that your project worker ought to have taken out the majority of this as a component of the agreement)

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