Living Room Design Singapore: Top Interior Concept for Living Room

HBD living room design singapore is the best interior concept for living room. It is a new and innovative living room designing company in Singapore with its own designers, architects and project managers who are capable of transforming any living space into an elegant, stylish and cosy living environment that you can be proud of!

If you are renovating your home, there is no dearth of HBD living room design ideas to pick from. You could opt for several different styles like minimalistic Scandinavian or one of the many Japanese design schools and an eclectic mix!

However, as interior designers in Singapore we would urge you to choose a style that speaks to who you are and also matches with your lifestyle. Our team has curated a list of easy-to-maintain living room designs from our own projects just for this reason!

HBD Living Room Interor Design Ideas #1: Urban Chic

A living room with a comfy looking couch and lounge chairs, a long but slim picnic table wth bench to add industrial overtones. This space is clean and contemporary design that will be easy to maintain in the future.

HBD Living Room Design Ideas #2: Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian design is all about light! The floor-to-ceiling windows and the abundance of whites create a space that feels airy, open, and modern. This Scandinavian living room takes it to an even more extreme level by using just one piece in colour: this neat ottoman with its bright orange hue. Without any other distractions or clutter on display like oh so many IKEA furniture sets plastered around (sorry), you can really enjoy how simple yet stylish Scandi style truly is – maximising natural light for anyone who lives there as well as visitors coming through those huge doors.

A living room with a comfy looking couch and lounge chairs, a long but slim picnic table wth bench to add industrial overtones. This space is clean and contemporary design that will be easy to maintain in the future.

HBD Living Room Design Ideas #3: Vintage

A few things never leave design. A vintage cowhide sofa, for example, is ageless as far as allure. While this L-molded lounge chair is basically retro in style, it is set in impartial settings in this front room and functions admirably. On the off chance that you don’t plan to redesign your HBD for seemingly forever, pick a vintage style like this one.

HBD Living Room Design Ideas #4: Minimal

Love it, disdain it however you can’t overlook it. Moderation as a plan is digging in for the long haul, and if the essential idea coordinates with your feel, you are arranged. So dispose of the garbage you are storing and hold the basic necessities. A nonpartisan dark and dim range like this one complements blank area. At last, add a few houseplants and outlined banners to finish the look.

HBD Living Room Design Ideas #5: Eclectic

The eclectic and elegant decor of this living room draws from many styles. The contemporary blue couch contrasts with the retro leather lounge chairs, but they are both balanced by a very oriental centre table in marble top which features an ikebana vase on its surface. There is not any set logic as to how these diverse elements come together; it just makes sense because there’s symmetry to that mix too!

6 Simple Ways to Make a Small Living Room Feel Spacious

Get creative about storage. Keep your living area clean and organized, so that it doesn’t look cluttered. You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference this will make in the room’s overall appearance. 

A simple solution is to install shelves for books or knick-knacks on one wall, have designated storage inside furniture pieces like end tables and coffee tables where you can stash everything from mail to keys (if they’re near the front door), as well as any electronics wires or chargers under couches and chairs out of sight behind things where they won’t get tangled up with other items when someone moves them around.

If floor space is limited, consider hanging things on the walls. Mounting furniture on the wall can save space and provide a sleek, modern appearance. 

For instance, instead of mounting floor lamps or coat racks in your living room to display these items periodically throughout the year, try using metal sconces as an alternative solution for lighting up dark areas when necessary without eliminating storage options by hanging clothes from hooks attached to walls. 

If you’re looking for even more organization possibilities while still saving some precious square footage where it counts most – like inside closets! 

Then consider attaching shelves or pegs onto wallpaper so that every inch is utilized efficiently with out any unnecessary empty spaces going unfilled during those winter months when coats are not needed anymore but there’s nowhere left on which homeowners have found useful ways to put their new end.

Don’t pick furniture that’s bulky. The low profile is perfect for those who want to save space. Instead of rolled sofa arms, use a slimmer profile that saves up to a foot of space in your living room and still maintain the look you love!

The Mistake to Avoid when Decorating living room interior design singapore

If you have a small living room, using the space efficiently can make it seem larger. One way of doing this is to “float” furniture away from the walls and leave more open floor area in between different pieces. This gives people more options for what they may want their environment to look like– without feeling cramped by all of that furniture taking up so much space!

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