A Guide to Planning Your HDB Renovation

If you’re considering renovating your hdb home, it’s important to understand the process and what to expect. From designing your home to completing renovation, knowing when and what to do at each stage of your journey can help you save costs and ensure a pleasant experience.

To help you out, here’s a handy guide to prepare you well for your hdb renovation guidelines in Singapore and also ensure that you have fun along the way.

1.Sort Your Finances

Most renovations complete within 12 weeks and up to 95% of the payment for you HDB renovation will need to be made during this period. It’s time to look at your finance options—savings and home renovation loans—even before you contact an ID firm. This calculation would help you plan your finances and also give you an upper limit for your spending.

If you like to play safe, don’t forget to set aside some money for home insurance as well—no, your mandatory HDB fire insurance usually does not cover furnishings and renovation. On average, a homeowner spends upwards of $20,000 on an HDB renovation. However, this varies greatly based on the size of the HDB and the scope of work involved.

A renovation loan has a lower rate of interest compared to personal loan because banks know you have an asset (your home) and you’re trying to enhance it’s value. However, there are certain restrictions for what the funds can be used for; for example, electrical and wiring, flooring and tiles, etc. Check the processing/admin/handling fee before finalising the bank.

2.Check the Timelines

This one is fairly obvious as it helps you estimate your your move-in date, especially for a resale HDB. As costs for alternate housing while your HDB is being renovated can quickly add up, don’t ignore this factor while making a decision about which professional to choose.

3.Choose an Interior Designer or a Contractor

Typically, freelance interior designers (ID) and ID firms are relatively costlier than a contractor. With the former, you can expect more personalised designs, and the latter is usually budget-friendly.

More often than not, you will need a HDB renovation permit approved by government authorities. Check with your ID firm or contractor if they can help you out with securing these permissions and other important tasks.

On HDB renovation guidelines, HDB renovation permits are essential. So the ID firm you would like to get the renovation done from needs to be HDB-registered. Without the same, carrying out the work is illegal. This is because HDB-registered firms need to adhere to guidelines like the safety, maintaining structural integrity of the building and reducing the nuisance caused to other homeowners.

This is no reason to worry as interior designers and platforms usually design and sub-contract the execution. So, simply ensure that the ID or platform you like sub-contracts it to a firm or contractor with an HDB permit.

4.Finalise the Design

Finally, sit with your designer to finalise a hdb renovation ideas design. Pick your materials, select your furniture and fittings. As you’ll have a fair idea from your research, you can negotiate the cost of the renovation. Always prefer quality over cost and pick the best. If budget is a concern, invest in items from your priority list and then decorate your home gradually with the other items from your design.

5.Get Your home furnished

While the first steps seem exhausting, the execution is where all the magic or disaster happens. So, mandate regular updates from your designer and contractor about the progress of work. It’s the firm or designer’s duty to ensure no damage is caused to any existing interiors or furniture.

Once you keep all these points in mind, your HDB renovation ideas can actually turn into an interesting project. Remember that the key is to hire the right experts and then relax as your home gets ready.

Make sure you follow all the hdb renovation guidelines rules set by the Singapore Housing and Department Board. We hope this helped you! If you need to know more about HDB renovation ideas, you can contact Todzterior.

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