Popular Interior Designs Style In Gambast Cresent Singapore

The interior design style in Singapore is vastly different from that of Western countries.

From mixing and matching furniture to incorporating different themes into one home, you’re going to be surprised by all the interesting ways you can create a design for your Singaporean home.

This article will explore some of the most popular interior design styles in Singapore as well as what they entail.

The first type we’ll look at is “Local Style”. Local Style is characterized by modern-traditional influences and includes a mix between Asian and Western furniture pieces such as couches with legs that resemble tables or chairs with armrests like ones found on sofas;


The Modern Interior Design Style is best known for its stark contrast to traditional interior design styles. The Design includes a strong emphasis on clean lines, raw surfaces, and unfinished details.

This style also seeks to stimulate the sense of sight in addition to taste, smell, touch and hearing. This style places most emphasis on the use of uncut materials such as fabric, wood, stone, etc.

It was first introduced in Sweden during the nineteenth century by a Swedish architect named Fredrik Henrik af Chapman. This new design style not only changed architects but it also changed the way people thought about architecture in general.


Contemporary homes have a clean and minimalistic feel to them. In order to achieve this look, furniture will typically be in white or black with an area rug on the main living space floor.

The ceiling will often be left dark, with light colors for the walls. Overall, this style is very modern-looking because it is so clean and organized.


Minimalism is a design style where an attempt is made to rid your space of decorations and clutter. This creates a sense of peace, tranquility and simplicity in your home. In this article we’ll be looking at some minimalist interior designs styles in Singapore.


Industrial design refers to the mechanized production of goods or items. The design is typically characterized by a lack of concern for appearance with a focus on functionality. By utilizing various machines in an efficient manner, designers can produce endless variations of an item.

The Industrial design style is best suited for homeowners who want to keep their homes as practical and minimalist as possible.

To create an Industrial-style home, you will simply need to keep your furniture simple and have plenty of white space in the room when decorating.

As long as you steer clear from adding colors or unnecessary accessories to the space, your Industrial style should be complete!

Mid-Century Modern.

Mid-Century Modern Interior Design Style. The Mid-Century interior design style emerged in the 1950s and 1960s and is characterized by the use of clean, classic lines using mainly bright colors.

The basics of this style are believed to have originated from Bauhaus, a German art movement that helped to change Western architecture as we know it.

As a result of these changes, many homes were made with open floor plans with no insulation and central heating became common.

This design style has become popular among many Singaporeans as it allows for the home to be both aesthetically pleasing but still practical for everyday life.

The minimalist approach is perfect for those who want more space in their living area and although there


Scandinavian interior design style is characterized by minimalism and clean lines. Dramatic colors are used to give the room a warm appearance and exquisite lighting fixtures are included to provide a soothing atmosphere.

Scandinavian designs focus on maximizing functionality and eliminating clutter from the room.

Furniture in this design style tends to be made of wood or metal for a more modern feel; storage spaces like bookshelves or built-in closets are also included in these types of designs.


Traditional interior designs have a traditional ambience about them that is sure to bring a sense of calmness and stability.

These are usually in colors like orange, brown, and beige. A lot of images like paintings or photos will help to create this traditional ambiance.

You can also use gold or silver for the furniture to add to the richness of the room along with trinkets from other parts of the world.


Transitional interior design is a style that takes the best from many other styles and blends them together. You may have heard it called “Traditional Transitional,” or even “Modern Traditional.”

Whatever you call it, transitional design has been around for quite some time. It’s one of the most popular styles today because it offers something for everyone: clean lines and simple shapes in modern homes; warm colors with natural materials in traditional homes; or anything in between.

The beauty of this style is that everything comes together seamlessly, so there are no jarring contrasts to distract your eye as you move through different rooms.

For those who enjoy mixing furniture and decorating with eclectic pieces, this is the perfect choice! And since transitional doesn’t focus on any one specific era or style, your home will always feel fresh.

This is a great option for homeowners who like the idea of modern decor but want to spend less on decorating.

Transitional is also very flexible, and it’s easy to adjust the style based on the homeowner’s taste or preference. You can alter the style of your home just by changing up the accessories or adding a few colorful details.

Choose your Design Style.

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