8 Galley Kitchen Design Ideas To Spice Up Your Kitchen

A long narrow kitchen configuration with cabinetry, countertops, and appliances built along one or both walls, the galley kitchen is often found in older city apartments and historical homes. With the galleys, you need to use a little extra effort to keep clutter at bay, but they are so worth it. The galley kitchen is an open and simple space where everything is close at hand, without the feeling of being tucked away.

Whether you are building a new home with a galley kitchen, or just want to make a few stylish updates to your living space, we hope kitchen galley design ideas help you.

California style galley kitchen

The kitchen is the most used room in the house, and the galley kitchen is the only room that serves many functions. One way to make it feel less like a hallway? It’s time to open up your kitchen space with this kitchen ideas! Don’t worry about demoing an entire wall—just open up your walls and get inspired by what you see!

A sleek look is created by the neutral colors and accents. The galley kitchen has a pair of windows, glass double door, and bright white walls and ceilings. You can see the pantry from the kitchen. There are a lot of things in the cabinets.

Try open-shelving kitchen

This café-style seating area with a window in the galley kitchen is a cozy spot for meal prep, reading, or eating. You can use the space above the bar-style counter to create a place to store everyday essentials.

A picture frame next to a window reflects the view outside. It’s nice to have a vintage mirror above the bar, but if you don’t need as much storage, it will take up less space. It’s easy to look up and down while you’re eating if you put a mirror at a height.

Use divider

One of the most common ways to keep your galley kitchen organized is to divide it into wet and dry zones with this kitchen design ideas HDB. The wet zone contains all of the heavier meal preparation while the dry zone is for lighter meal preparation. This concept of dividing the kitchen into two zones works with any kind of countertop, from stainless steel to marble.

White as your kitchen color palette

If you do a lot of cooking, an all-white palette isn’t easy to maintain. It is a great way to open a small cooking space for a light user. Glossy surfaces, a lot easier to clean, were chosen for the cabinets. The homeowners went with a bar table on one side of the counter to serve breakfast. This idea is also giving the the look of modern kitchen design ideas that is also good for kitchen design ideas for small spaces.

Monochrome galley kitchen

If you have white walls and ceilings, or naked windows, you can use them to make the room light and bright. This simple layout makes the kitchen a place where you can prepare family meals or simply relax over coffee with friends. Stainless steel appliances, brushed nickel fixtures, and bronze accents complete the clean design.

Whether you choose to fill the empty space with a single-pot faucet or a photo, a piece of art, or something else, a single-pot faucet will make the best use of the wall space.

Use pattern as your focal point

If you are going to make a galley kitchen look beautiful, then don’t put upper cabinets on both sides. If you leave one side bare, it helps to free up the space visually. In this bare wall, you can add patterned tiles to create a focal point.

Gives a natural look to your galley kitchen

Light wood cabinets make your galley kitchen feel warmer and more welcoming than one with dark wood. Black hardware and fixtures are a little dramatic.

Keep it organized

We live in an age where people have gotten so much and are so concerned with how they look that they keep collecting more things that they don’t really need. When you have a galley kitchen, you mostly can not apply this lifestyle. Instead, you can have your cabinetry, appliances, and countertops take up a limited area of the wall but leave the other area free for a large dining table and chairs. 

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Have Home Decor Problems or Need Inspirations?