5 Interior Design Ideas for Commercial Interior Design in Singapore

Designing interiors for commercial buildings in Singapore is not easy. Commercial interior design means an interior design in commercial spaces like offices, retail stores and other public spaces. Interior Design for commercials should be cost – effective, space efficient, and yet unique and engaging. 

Commercial interior decorating can create interesting spaces that follow with a new and specific theme which can make your commercial building have a significant impact. Therefore you must be selective when choosing your commercial interior design Singapore

You have to choose the right interior designers to make your commercial building look attractive. Doing an office renovation in Singapore will take a lot of time. It begins from the planning process, designing and renovating. To complete the renovation, interior designers will add the furniture and decor the space to complete the client’s design goals.

Commercial Interior Design Singapore

For those of you who want to renovate in Singapore and are looking for an office design company in Singapore, you can find Todzterior. Todzterior interior design can help you to plan, renovate and choose the materials based on your budget. Here are 5 interior design ideas for commercial buildings in Singapore.

Deep Tones

Deep tones are popular in commercial interior design. You can try to use deep cooling tones to your office design in Singapore. Deep tones reflect the beauty of nature. You can use and combine grey color with green. You can also use ivory, taupe and black.


Commercial interior design can use any existing design style or they can create a new one. You can add patterns to your retail interior design in Singapore to make it modern. Using geometric patterns can make a design statement to your commercial space which can express your personality and make an impression on visitors.  Beside a geometric pattern, you can use small scale designs on your floor. Small scale designs are usually used in hotels and hospitals . 

Form over function and Multi Propose design

To make your employees productive, the furniture in an office should be modern and have more features to support them while working with their deadline. The furniture in a modern workplace needs  to be comfortable like a head rests on office seating, adjustable arms, or maybe an adjustable desk. 

Beside having over function furniture, a commercial interior must have a multi purpose design. Multi proposal design will effectively save the company budget. An over function and multi proposed design furniture must have items for commercial building. It is a new way to save your company’s money.

Creative Use Of Light 

Light is an important thing when we talk about commercial decoration. A skilled interior designer can combine the use of natural and artificial light to make a great color and brightness to your commercial buildings. An office with a natural light can make your office look more open. You can try to combine using the minimalist color palette with the lighting to make your workplace look neat and professional.


Interior designers need to keep moving forward and create a new style. This style can be made by combinating touch, sense and materials to make it unique and different from others.  One of the examples is a pertinent material which rises from non matching floor tiles and when applied in the right way, it will totally look great.

Todzterior Interior in Singapore

For those of you who want to redesign your commercial building in Singapore, please do not hesitate to contact Todzterior! Todzterior can help you to renovate your commercial space based on your interest and your budget. You can do a consultation about the design that you want first if you still can’t choose the design that suit your commercial space. Todzterior offers a complete range of services for the planning, design, and renovating your bedroom. Todzterior recommend finishes, furniture, and fixtures that deliver their needs and work within their budget.

Are you ready to renovate your commercial building in Singapore? Do you want to find a professional commercial interior design firm in Singapore? Todzterior can be your company. So what are you waiting for? call Todzterior right away and discuss your new commercial building design!

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