7 Budget-Friendly IKEA Kitchen Island Ideas

Today’s DIY enthusiasts are drawn to kitchen islands not just for function but also for style. These versatile units are an affordable alternative to the more expensive built-in models.

Whether you’ve just inherited a small space or are ready to transform the room of your dreams, this budget-friendly IKEA kitchen island idea for making over your living room will help you find the perfect style for your taste. 

When it comes to building a kitchen island, you can hack your kitchen for more space, add storage, and use it for cooking, eating, and even family gathering. Kitchen islands have become a popular addition to homes because they provide convenient storage for pots, pans, mixing bowls, and utensils. To inspire you to start your own journey with a kitchen island design, here are X IKEA kitchen island ideas you can try:

Mobile kitchen island HDB with IKEA kitchen trolley

You can make a small kitchen island trolley that’s perfect for a kitchen in a slightly constrained space by using IKEA’s kitchen trolley with wheels. The mobility of this IKEA kitchen trolley is really great for moving the chair to the side to create more space if needed. This IKEA kitchen trolley is an excellent addition to your kitchen and serves many models and styles to match your kitchen design perfectly.

Make your kitchen IKEA kitchen island a bookshelf

You might have been searching for a long time to find the perfect kitchen island. It’s usually the priciest that the best means. However, it is possible that this Ikea bookshelf hack is your thing. You will need a couple of Ikea shelves, metal legs, and some paint.

To add storage to your kitchen, buy a pot lid and use it as a place to store extra spices or other items. This is a perfect space-saving option if you want to have a dedicated prep area in your kitchen.

Turns your dresser into an island table kitchen

Island table kitchens don’t have to be plain and boring. They’re beautiful, durable, and easy to clean. You can create your own island table kitchen using an old dresser, making the assembly faster as there were already built-in drawers. You’ll only need to make a few adjustments, such as putting your stainless steel countertop and painting the dresser with your desired color.

A small IKEA kitchen island

A kitchen island is a great DIY project to start adding character to your cooking space. Block your weekend schedule and recreate this Ikea kitchen island hack with the entire family. You can use two of the IKEA Kitchen Island Tables to support your kitchen worktop and shelf. This cool IKEA kitchen island is a functional workspace for storing and serving your favorite beverages and other kitchen utensils. This kitchen island is definitely in a league of its own.

Scandinavian kitchen island for a minimalist kitchen

When it comes to creating a calming, ethereal kitchen space, go for a Scandi-inspired, woodsy aesthetic. Green is the perfect kitchen color to pair with white or gray walls for a sleek, modern look. Birch ply is a fantastic material to create the Nordic-cool aesthetic modern kitchen island.

Using racks as kitchen island table

It’s a perfect solution for a small kitchen island because it stores easily. You’ll need an IKEA pantry rack, 1” casters like these, ¼” wood, a miter saw, paint, a drill, and wood glue.

IKEA metal racks as a kitchen island table

There’s no doubt that the metal rack IKEA hack is a pretty simple project. It’s just as easy to do as a flat pack wooden crate. You’ll need the IKEA metal kitchen rack. It’s easy to cut the hanging rack and have it stay as it is, or cover it with a metal sheet for an all-steel look. Install four small caster wheels on the base of your kitchen rack. An industrially-inspired kitchen with a built-in hood really looks great.

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Have Home Decor Problems or Need Inspirations?