Functional 4 Room Hdb Kitchen Design Ideas

When it comes to designing your dream kitchen, it is easy to get carried away by the latest trends and design elements. However, when designing your dream kitchen, you have to keep three things in mind: practicality, functionality and style. In this article, we will discuss the importance of designing your dream kitchen in a way that it will not only look stunning but will also make your life easier and allow you to maximize space. We will also discuss some of the best ideas to incorporate into your new HDB kitchen design.

Check out these functional kitchen design ideas to see how you can renovate your 4 room HDB kitchen design.

Kitchen Counter Space

Of course, one of the most common complaints from those with a resale hdb kitchen design is the lack of counter space. After all, how can you possibly throw a dinner party for your best mates when you have to do all your prep work over your stove?

Thankfully, clever designers have invented tons of ways to deal with this issue. One of them is to look for a cutting board for resale HDB kitchen design to fit over your stove or sink. This nifty accessory comes in interesting HDB small kitchen design ideas. Some cutting boards come with a strainer to allow extra juices or water to flow right into the sink.

Maximize Vertical Space

What you lack in floor area, you make up for in vertical space. So, maximize your entire wall for storage with tall elegant kitchen cabinets. Items that are rarely used should be stored at the topmost shelves. Be sure to add a cute but sturdy stool to get to the hard to reach places.

We all know that kitchen cabinets are important, but sometimes we fail to use them efficiently. It doesn’t make much sense to put our dishes in the cupboard that is on top of the refrigerator. That would mean that we would have to climb over the refrigerator to get to the cupboards. It would be more efficient to have both the cupboards and the refrigerator on the same level.

Plain Sight

Most people look at a 4 room hdb kitchen ideas and wonder how they’ll ever fit all their cookware in there, but this problem is one of the easiest to solve. Who needs storage space when hanging racks are perfect for pots and pans? Hanging your pots and pans keeps your cabinets free of clutter while creating visual interest. Consider installing a rod over a space for hanging containers. You can find these in many styles. Then, just add your utensils!

Some people don’t enjoy seeing their cookware and utensils hanging out in the open. Their brains process this as clutter. Instead, find some nice storage boxes that blend in with the surroundings and store your items in those. You can even label them to improve organization.

The Kitchen Cart

It’s practically a national pastime to complain about how small your resale HDB kitchen designs are. But say what you will, scarcity does compel us to become more creative and resourceful. The multi-purpose kitchen cart is an alternative to a stationary kitchen island. It takes up less space and offers you the mobility that a kitchen island does not. When it’s not in use, simply wheel it away to a corner to make space in between.

Besides the extra work surface, multi-purpose kitchen carts come with extra storage. And, if you get one with a dining surface, you can use it as a dining table too. To complete the look, go ahead and select some matching stools.

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Have Home Decor Problems or Need Inspirations?