Add some cool artwork ideas to your home design in Singapore.

With so much amazing art on display in Singapore, you have a huge choice of opportunities to add some great pieces of artwork to your home design in Singapore. And being the cultural hub of Asia, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that there are some incredibly talented local artists creating stunning pieces that are perfect if you want to inject some cool artwork into your home design in Singapore at affordable interior design budget.

The variety of artwork, however, is abundant. You can choose from incredibly detailed paintings recalling early modernism to masterful sculptures reminiscent of the art deco movement in an immersive fusion of cultures that somehow work harmoniously when you bring them together in a single room. And if this variety isn’t enough for you, you can also choose from contemporary art and abstract pieces that push the boundaries of what is considered art.

There is a plethora of artwork that one can use to add coolness and interest to their home design in Singapore within an affordable budget, from art deco posters to modern abstract painting. Whichever artwork you choose, it is important for you, as a homeowner who likes to add some tone and style into your home in Singapore, to know what type of artwork is best suited for your home.

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Here We’ll Be Talking About Best Artwork For Your Home Design:

Contemporary Art.

Contemporary art is basically art that has been produced since the last century. It uses different techniques, tools, and materials to create unique pieces that are reflective of what’s going on in society at that particular moment in time. From painting styles to sculpture concepts, contemporary pieces have a certain edge over other types of artwork because being current, they reflect the tastes and values of the population even as they are being created.

And if you want to add something cutting-edge to your home design in Singapore at the condo, landed, or hdb, contemporary art might be the right choice for you! One good example of a piece that uses this particular style is ‘Erased De Kooning Drawing’ by Robert Rauschenberg. This particular work is representative of the re-emergence of abstract expressionism in contemporary art and provides an opportunity to learn more about this movement if you’re unfamiliar with it.

In this piece, the artist uses a pencil to draw a drawing of an artist called Willem De Kooning over his masterpiece ‘Interchange.’ The intention was to make the viewer feel as if they were seeing how one artwork is created in real-time. If you like artwork that’s original, contemporary interior design is the right choice for you!

Art deco posters.

If you love classic art deco designs and style, then some art deco posters would be a great choice for your home design in Singapore. You can go ahead and get that old-world 1940s-1950s look with these wonderful pieces. These posters are typically old-style advertisements that were used in the late 19th century when this particular art form came to be recognized. And while they can also be found in brochures and magazines from the same period, the fact that these ads were mostly painted in an explosion of color lends them a particularly vibrant appeal when you need something modern yet classic for your perfect home design in Singapore.

One great example of this type of artwork that you can use in HDB or home is to add cool art to any room is ‘Rendezvous’ by Charles Craig: an advertisement for Rolls-Royce, it uses a very Art deco style and the vibrant colors typical of this style to display two beautiful women who are definitely worthy of a big date, maybe with you! This poster would be a wonderful addition to your home design in Singapore.

If you want to add some cutting-edge art deco artwork to your modern home, then contemporary art deco posters are the right choice for you. They reflect the way that this unique style has been recreated and re-imagined in a modern way. And with the right piece, you can have a wonderful addition to your simple bedroom design in Singapore without spending too much.

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Abstract Art.

Abstract art is another great choice for your home design in Singapore because it uses any visual elements, including colors, shapes, lines, and forms to create a piece that’s beautiful yet non-representational. It gives the viewer an opportunity to interpret what they see for themselves without being told too much about what they should be seeing. As such, abstract art is an excellent choice for those who are interested in modern art but aren’t sure how to go about it. It really gives you the opportunity to learn more about this particular style without feeling overwhelmed by too many details or bits of information that might detract from the effect that the artwork itself is trying to convey.

One great example of abstract art that you can use to add beautiful art to your home is ‘Untitled’ by Georges Mathieu: this piece was created in 1964 and uses a sense of color, shape, and form in order to create interesting artwork. If you like bold yet simple pieces, then this one would definitely make a wonderful addition to your home design in Singapore.

Another great example of abstract art that you can use to add amazing pieces of modern art to your home decoration in Singapore is ‘Gelatin silver print.’ If you’re not sure how to go about adding cutting-edge yet classic elements in your interior design in Singapore, then using artwork like this would be the right choice for you.

Finally, abstract art is the right choice for those who want to create unique home designs in Singapore. It’s definitely modern and it gives you some creative leeway with your work. If you like interesting artwork, then adding some bold pieces like these would be an excellent idea for your affordable interior design in Singapore.


If you’re looking for some great ideas to add art to your home design in Singapore, then these are all the art that is the right choice for you because it reflects the modern imagination and shows that no matter how different or untraditional an artwork may seem, there’s always room for beauty. So get right to it and you’ll be able to add new and amazing pieces of modern art to your home in no time flat.


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