HDB 5 Room Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas

Kitchen cabinets are the workhorse of any kitchen and having them designed by a professional can make all the difference. If you have just moved in, or are thinking of moving into a new HDB flat, taking advice from an interior designer may be beneficial to you. Why? Simple! One look at the website of Interior Designers SG and one will inevitably be drawn away by their portfolio over there – it’s because they create designs that are clean cut and modern looking, with colours that pop outand really make a statement.

An open kitchen concept

An open concept kitchen design HDB makes an ideal space-saving solution in small apartment units or condominiums where there are no interior walls between the kitchen and the living room. Because of its open concept, it looks less cramped than a conventional closed kitchen layout. These modern kitchens make cooking easier and more convenient. If you have small children, it’s a must-have in your home. They allow you to keep an eye on your surroundings while you cook. 

Additionally, having an open concept kitchen can help create a more spacious living environment. This is especially true if you live in a high-rise apartment with a limited space. This kitchen has a simple and clean open layout which is perfect for small apartment units or condominiums. A kitchen with a simple and clean open layout is ideal for smaller HDB apartments or condominiums.

Use cool color

Choose cool, deep, and serene colors for your kitchen to create such beautiful design themes that are bound to catch the attention of anyone who enters. The use of cool colours helps you enjoy the process of meal preparation and cooking, so it does not feel like a burden to you. The bright colours of the food you prepare also encourage you to eat more, so your meals are satisfying and filling.

Furthermore, it is also a good choice for a spacious kitchen. For a more sophisticated appearance, opt for warm colors such as red and orange tones. These colours help to create a cozy atmosphere that is great for socialising with family and friends. If you do not wish to create a very warm and friendly kitchen atmosphere, you can choose more neutral colors such as beige or white. 

Try a new tile backsplash

As you start your renovation project, you’ll want to keep it simple, but you should also be prepared to add a bit of surprise and excitement to the design and layout of your new kitchen. Tile installation is one such way to add a bit of trend and pop. You can use these tile backsplashes to create patchwork and other unique patterns for a unique look. 

In addition, a kitchen backsplash adds depth and interest to your kitchen, which is something that everyone will notice. For example, if you have dark kitchen cabinets, a tile backsplash makes your kitchen appear brighter and more open. It’s important that the backsplash has a clean look, so make sure it doesn’t have any imperfections.

Install kitchen island

Kitchen islands offer an elegant and comfortable addition to any kitchen. You could use them for cooking and dining, as there are several functional uses. A larger island can also be used for storage. For better functionality in a small HDB kitchen, consider this idea we have brought to you. It has a kitchen peninsula which adds to the functionality of the kitchen. If you want something similar, contact us for a consultation. Moreover, a kitchen island also gives you the opportunity to create an intimate space in your kitchen, which is a great place for eating and cooking together with your family or friends. 

Design your own!

The kitchen island can be used as a breakfast table, a dining table, a bar table, a storage shelf, a cooking area, and a workstation. A kitchen island is also a great space for entertaining your guests.

Want to make your HDB kitchen cabinet design? Or you want to change your old HDB kitchen design but you don’t have time to do it on your own? You can create any design you want Todzterior! We have a very good team to help you in your project. We are very professional and experienced. I am sure we can do your work perfectly. We will make sure you get the best quality work that you want. Visit our website for more information.

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