5 Minimalist Bedroom Design Ideas in Singapore

Bored of seeing your bedroom interior design? Do you want to redesign your bedroom with an affordable price? It is time for you to renovate it with a bedroom design in Singapore!

Every house has a bedroom. Bedroom is the first and the last place you go to everyday. Making a comfortable bedroom is a must because the bedroom is the place to recharge our energy. A good bedroom design could also bring you happiness. You might feel happy to start your new day but the problem is most homes in Singapore are compact, and that means you just have a small bedroom. No matter the size of your bedroom, you can still renovate your bedroom. A minimalist master bedroom design Singapore is the solution for making your bedroom looks wider.

If you are looking for bedroom design ideas in Singapore, here are several Singapore bedroom designs that will inspire you! including master bedroom design ideas 2021

Bedroom Design Singapore

For those of you who looking for master bedroom renovation ideas and still don’t know the bedroom design that suits your bedroom, you can discuss it with Todzterior. Todzterior can help you to find your new bedroom design based on your budget and interest. Are you still confused about choosing your bedroom design? Here are 5 Minimalist Bedroom Design Ideas in Singapore for you.

Let the Light in 

Master bedroom design minimalist – in a minimalist bedroom is a must. A lighting can make a huge difference in your bedroom which can make your bedroom feel more open and modern. Beside that, you can also add a mirror wall in your bedroom to make your bedroom look wider. Mirrors can be used to reflect the light, so you can get more lighting in your bedroom but if you don’t want your bedroom to look too bright, you can also add sheer curtains for it.

Remove the useless things.

Without realizing it, we like to put a lot of things which we don’t use anymore in our bedroom such as books, photos, collectible items, clothes and others. Those things make our small bedroom look even smaller. Let’s make some space in your bedroom for the things that truly matter by removing your useless things. You can sort your used and unused things first and donate it if you want. 

Frameless Master Bedroom interior design ideas

Bed is the main thing in the bedroom. You can pick a frameless bed to make a different atmosphere in your bedroom. A metal bed frame or platform bed are great choices for a minimalist bed. You can also hang mounted lights on the wall near your bed to complete your minimalist bedroom design.

Neutral Colored 

Color plays an important  role in a bedroom. A neutral color like beiges, grey and white are the main colors for a minimalist bedroom look. A neutral color also can make your bedroom look wider and simpler. These colors can make you feel calm. You can paint your bedroom’s wall with a neutral color or you can choose a neutral bed or pillows. 

Add mini plants

Adding mini plants will give an earthy touch in a minimalist bedroom. This is a great way to add color to a simple bedroom. A cactus, rubber plant can be the option but don’t put it too much because it can make your small bedroom look cramped. If you do not have time to water the mini plant you can add a brightly picked flower to your bedroom. Don’t forget to use a clear jar to make it more beautiful.

Todzterior Interior in Singapore

For those of you who want to redesign your bedroom,please do not hesitate to contact Todzterior! Todzterior can help you to renovate your small bedroom design in Singapore based on your interest with an affordable price. You can discuss the bedroom design that you want first if you still can’t choose your bedroom design. Todzterior offers a complete range of services for the planning, design, and renovating of your bedroom. 

Bored of seeing your bedroom interior design already? Do you want to renovate your bedroom interior design but don’t know the great interior designer in Singapore? Contact Todzterior directly! Todzterior can help you to renovate your cramped bedroom into a minimalist bedroom design based on your budget and interest. So what are you waiting for? Contact Todzterior and discuss your new bedroom design!

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